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My mare, Inez, was filled with so much anxiety and so distant emotionally. Emily has worked on her like three or four times and I have to say that she is getting to a place of peace. Her anxiety has dropped tremendously which has opened her up emotionally to where we can really start to connect. And Inez really trusts Emily to allow her to work on her. I will continue to use Emily with all of my horses.


Our veterinarian recommended Emily in 2020 when she was just getting her equine massage license. She gave a thorough evaluation, covering all avenues from nutrition to equipment fit. Emily has a genuine love for animals especially horses. Her ability to read the horses is an experience to witness. I would not have the fit, sound, and willing partner if Emily wasn't a part of out team.


For the love of horses

    Gina and Absolute


I have used Emily for many years. Her gentle approach and extensive knowledge are a winning combination to meet whatever the needs of the horse are. There has never been a time I didn't see a huge improvement after an appointment. I am so thankful for her services that help me to care for my equine athlete.

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