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by land; on terrain: to travel overland rather than by sea. – Collins English Dictionary

"I have just bought the ugliest horse I have

ever seen." Those were my thoughts as I

signed the papers for the thoroughbred I

had just purchased. It was my first proper

horse and I wasn't sure if I liked him, but I had prayed and searched diligently for five years. Yes, five! It was funny, when I was ten years old I vowed that I would never buy a thoroughbred nor an ugly horse. The Lord has a good sense of humor, but what I didn't know was He had a plan for my life with this horse. The horse had major problems... he showed extreme aggression and had huge issues with his body not wanting to bend or move. His behavior was just him trying to tell me he was in pain. So, after much trial an error a friend set me on to an equine body worker. What she did gave my horse a life and opened my eyes to a world that allowed a horse to communicate and heal. My horse and I are now inseparable, and I was wrong he was not ugly; he just needed a home that would love him. After my experience I know what it is like to have a broken and distressed horse. I understand the frustration that comes with feeling uncertain and helpless, but the joy of seeing your horse's health restored is precious. That is why I became a therapist to help others as I have been helped. It is my mission to travel overland to whatever horse needs me to bring relief and restoration.

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